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Patent Information and Searches

(i)                Indian database;

(ii)             US Patent database;

(iii)           Inpadoc/EPO database

 A brief write up on the invention (to be kept confidential) along with possible keywords may be sent in the first instance.

A bibliographic report on patents granted/published in US, Europe, PCT and India will be provided based on the search.

On specific request, the abstracts of the relevant patens may be provided.

The full text document of the patents may then be obtained wherever required.


  • Indian patents (Bibliographic) 1974 onwards
  • US Patents
    Bibliographic (without abstract) 1975 onwards
    Bibliographic with Abstract 1977 onwards
  • European patents
    Bibliographic and abstract (published) 1978 onwards
  • PCT applications
    Bibliographic and abstract (published) 1978 onwards

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