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Management Of IPR in R & D

 List of Publications


 green-ball.gif (886 bytes)      Gutpa V.K., Negotiating IPR in International Science and Technology           Cooperation, Journal of Intellectual Property Rights,Vol. 5 No. 6,            March  2000, 61-71   


 green-ball.gif (886 bytes)   Gutpa V.K.,Trends in Post WTO patenting by India in US, Current Science, April 2000


 green-ball.gif (886 bytes)     Gupta, V.K. and  Pangannaya, N.B., IPR Information: Analysis and   drafting of patent claims for R&D scientists, Journal of Intellectual Property Rights, Vol. 4  No.6, 1999 pp. 325-338


green-ball.gif (886 bytes)       Gupta, V.K.,Protecting confidential R&D information, Tech Monitor,   Journal of Asian Pacific Centre for Transfer of Technology (APCTT), Vol. 17, no. 3, May-June 1999, pp. 37-42 


green-ball.gif (886 bytes)      Gupta, V.K., Technological Trends in the Area of Fullerenes using   Bibliometric Analysis of Patents, Scientometrics, Vol. 44, No. 1 (1999) pp. 17-31 


green-ball.gif (886 bytes)      Gupta, V.K., WTO and IPR: Implications for R&D Management, Journal of Intellectual Property Rights, Vol. 3, September 1998, pp. 271-280 


green-ball.gif (886 bytes)       Gupta, V.K., Basmati Rice Lines and Grains - Gist of the US Patent No. 5,663,484, Journal of Intellectual Property Rights, Vol. 3 May 1998,  pp. 127-137


green-ball.gif (886 bytes)      Gupta, V.K.,Copyright Issues relating to database use, DESIDOC Bulletin of Information Technology, Vol.17 (4), July 1997


green-ball.gif (886 bytes)      Gupta,V.K.,Intellectual Property Rights in Commercialisation of R&D and Transfer of Technology, Journal Of Intellectual Property Rights, Vol.2, July 1997, pp 181-190


green-ball.gif (886 bytes)      Gupta, V.K.,WIPO Draft Database Treaty: Issues and Implications in Indian Context, Journal of Intellectual Property Rights, Vol.2, March 1997


green-ball.gif (886 bytes)    Gupta, V.K., Protection of Computer Software/Algortihm, Journal of Intellectual Property Rights, Vol.1, March 1996.


green-ball.gif (886 bytes)    Gupta, V.K., Database Protection: Current Trends and Issues, Information Today and Tomorrow Vol.15 (3), July - Sept. 1996. 


green-ball.gif (886 bytes)       Gupta, V.K., Basic Concepts of IPRs and Their Management In R&D, Chemical Industry News, September 1995 and in the monograph on Lecture Notes on IPR published by TIFAC, DST, Government of India 


green-ball.gif (886 bytes)      Gupta, V.K., An Integrated approach to Science Policy in India, Journal  of Scientific and Industrial Research, Vol.50 March 1991, pp 212-221 (co-author) 


green-ball.gif (886 bytes)      Gupta, V.K., Scientific output from India: An analysis of Publications, Productivity Vol 30 No 2, July- September,1989, New Delhi ( co-author) 


green-ball.gif (886 bytes)      Gupta, V.K., In-house R&D Management Development - Strategy and Implementation in a Major Government R&D Agency, R&D Management Vol.19 (2) April 1989


green-ball.gif (886 bytes)      Gupta, V.K., Management of R&D - An Overview in Indian context, Indian Management, 27(11), 1988, pp.27-33 (Co-author)


green-ball.gif (886 bytes)      Gupta, V.K., Strengthening the Forms and Mechanisms of University - Industry Research Relations - Journal of Scientific and Industrial Research, January,1987 (co-author)


green-ball.gif (886 bytes)     Gupta, V.K., Concept of Priority for Science Management, Journal of Scientific and Industrial Research, December 1982 (co- author)


green-ball.gif (886 bytes)      Gupta, V.K., Towards a Methodology for Research Priorities-letter to editor, Impact of Science on Society, UNESCO, Vol 31(1), Jan-March 1981 


green-ball.gif (886 bytes)    Gupta, V.K., Criteria for Working out Priorities - A Conceptual Framework, Journal of Scientific and Industrial Research, April, 1976 (co-author) 


green-ball.gif (886 bytes)      Gupta, V.K., Criteria of Choice in Science - A Critical Assessment, Journal of Scientific and Industrial Research, March, 1976 (co-author)    




red-ball.gif (527 bytes)        Gupta, V.K., 1998 Update Budget of Science, Technology and              Environment and Patent Applications filed in India, NISTADS, August 1998     (OLP-060230)


red-ball.gif (527 bytes)         Contributed two chapters, respectively, on i) USA, and ii) Priorities in Research: Trends and Consequences in the book entitled: Science Technology and Development edited by A.Rahman and published by Wiley Eastern Ltd., 1995


red-ball.gif (527 bytes)        Science and Technology in India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, published by Longoman UK, 1990 (co-author: contributed to the Chapter on India) 


Selected Technical Reports


blueball[1].gif (882 bytes)      Report of the Project on "Undertaking case studies to prepare the basic course material for organizing a series of workshops on patent information for R&D and business", submitted to NISSAT, DSIR, Government of India, June 1999


blueball[1].gif (882 bytes)      Fullerene - case study on use of patent information for identifying research trends, prepared for NISSAT, DSIR,Government of India, December, 1997 


blueball[1].gif (882 bytes)     Sharing of Intellectual Property - Relationship between R&D Organisations as employers and Scientists as Employees, Prepared for Patent Facilitating Cell, TIFAC, DST, Government of India, October, 1997


blueball[1].gif (882 bytes)      Exploring the prospects for greater research and technological development cooperation between the European Union and India in advanced technology sectors, Inputs to the Final Report, NISTADS, September 1997 (team member)


blueball[1].gif (882 bytes)     Commercialisation of R&D and Transfer of Technology - IPR related issues and insights", Prepared for Patent Facilitating Cell, TIFAC, DST, Government of India, March, 1997 


blueball[1].gif (882 bytes)     Intellectual Property Rights and International Cooperation in R&D, Prepared for Patent Facilitating Cell, TIFAC, DST, Government of India, July 1996 


blueball[1].gif (882 bytes)      Patenting : Practice and Management in a R&D Organisation, Prepared for Patent Facilitating Cell, TIFAC, DST, Government of India, 1995


blueball[1].gif (882 bytes)      Some typical clauses relating to the protecton of Patents in International S&T Agreements/ MOUs, including a report on examining the Model agreement on IPR between two countries and developing India's position on respective aspects, International Division, DST, Government of India, 1990/1991


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