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Date of Birth:           15-6-1949

Contact Address:   457, Pocket 2, Sector 19, Dwarka, New Delhi 110075

Telephone:              91 - 11-28041561; Mobile:  9810017402



Professional Objective


Seek contract assignments of policy, advisory, consultancy or managerial nature or undertake specific analytical studies where my varied experience & skills could effectively contribute and make a positive impact on the programmes, activities & functioning of the organisation.




More than 35 years of professional experience in the field of science and technology policy and management. As a S&T policy-maker contributed to several key policy issues and functions with the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India, and the Central Drug Research Institute, Lucknow. As a science policy analyst and researcher at the National Institute of Science, Technology and Development Studies, New Delhi contributed towards policy analysis and studies on different dimensions of science and technology policy, innovation and technology transfer, intellectual property rights, patent analysis and S&T indicators. Coordinated and conducted several training programmes for scientists, technologists and functionaries in academia, government and industry.


Well versed with various facets of organisation and management of science and technology in India, economic reforms, S&T policy priorities and initiatives, science and technology indicators, management of intellectual property rights, bibliometric analysis of publications and patent output, patent analysis in specific technology domain using commercial and public domain patent databases, transfer of technology, international cooperation in science and technology and innovation policy studies.


Provided leadership to promote awareness about IPR and its management in R&D organization by developing educational material on IPR, which simplified concepts. Disseminated results through publications (25 papers) and invited talks (32 talks). In the process, enhanced capability at the working scientist and the institution levels in the country.


Excellent skills to interface with national and international partners, communicate at senior level of policy makers and managers, organise and guide team of researchers to accomplish specific tasks, organise and coordinate training programmes, and manage relationships with clients.


Areas of Expertise

§  S&T policy reforms in India  (FDI, technology transfer and acquisition, organisation and management of science and technology, University – industry relations, public private partnerships in S&T)

§  International cooperation in science and technology

§  Management of intellectual property rights

§  Patent search and analysis

§  Innovation studies 

§  Science and technology indicators

§  Venture capital, start-ups and small-medium enterprises

§  R&D policy and management at the institutional level (Project planning, monitoring and evaluation studies)

§  Design and coordination of training programmes and preparation of pedagogic material and MCQs

§  Technological domains: any scientific and technological discipline including drugs & pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, nanotechnology, new materials, and information and communication technologies, software

Role & Responsibilities


§  Member of several high-level national and international committees and delegations of the Government of India

§  Member convener of High – Level Committee facilitating formulation and implementation of Government’s policy on strategic export controls (dual use technologies)

§  Deputed abroad for academic and scholarly interactions and expert assignments to United States, United Kingdom, Japan, Sri Lanka, and Ghana.

§  Resource person to Commonwealth Science Council and Unesco. Supervised several trainees from Vietnam, Bangladesh, Nepal and Nigeria.

§  Initiated and organized several major programmes and activities exhibiting organizational, administrative and leadership capabilities. Some of these have been unique first in the country and included:

o   Setting up of the Centre for Science and technology of the Non-aligned and other Developing Countries in New Delhi

o   Consultancy assignment for European Commission in cooperation with Science Policy Research Unit (SPRU), University of Sussex, UK

o   Coordination of major UNDP project on developing guidelines for transfer of technologies from public R&D laboratories to industry

o   Resource person for national campaign on intellectual property rights, patent information and analysis.

o   Member, Editorial Board, Journal of Intellectual Property Rights published from New Delhi

o   Authored three books and published more than 35 research papers in national and international journals.

o   Completed several contract assignments and technical reports for clients in government, academia and industry.



Core competence in select domains

Patent information and analysis


Developed tools and techniques for patent search and analysis to identify technological opportunities, state-of-the-art, key players from university, industry and government and their focus of research, and demonstrated them through several national workshops for users in R&D organizations and industry. Have been using public domain on-line patent databases (USPTO, EPO, WIPO, JPO, INPADOC, and GERMAN), commercial databases like Delphion and Indian patent databases. Specific assignments included

§  Technological Trends in the areas of Fullerenes, Carbon nanotubes, Natural products, Software and ICT, Chemicals, and Drugs and pharmaceuticals

§  Patent analysis for comparative evaluation studies at global and national level 

§  Strategic R&D policy and management related insights for decision making at the level of major government R&D institutions, universities and firms in industry

§  Key issues of management of IPR in R&D organisations (international collaboration, sharing biological research material, inventor’s productivity, employer and employee relationships, technology acquisition and  R&D commercialisation, protection of software and databases, traditional knowledge)


R&D planning, management, and transfer of technology


§  Established the R&D planning, programming, budgeting, costing and monitoring cell at Central Drug Research Institute.

§  Developed a system of monitoring major R&D programmes at CSIR.

§  Evaluated the performance and linkages of CSIR laboratories and their annual and five year plans.

§  Organised Laboratory R&D management programmes for project leaders of CSIR laboratories.

§  Examined issues of transfer of technology and university and industry relationships


Invited lectures delivered


§  Delivered invited lectures at more than fifty government R&D institutions,       universities, institutes of technology, and firms in industry.


§  Main focus of the lectures has been to explain the basic concepts of intellectual property rights, practices and decisions for protection of results of research, utilization of patent information in R&D, R&D planning and management, and transfer of technology.







Career Profile & Experience


National Institute of Science Technology and Development Studies, New Delhi (1994 – 2008; 1983-1988)


This is a leading institute in India providing policy related insights and thinking on several issues concerning science and technology policy and innovation.


In the capacity of senior scientist, I have undertaken analytical studies and guided team of researchers on key issues relating to intellectual property rights, patent search and analysis, international S&T cooperation, R&D consultancy and business development, and transfer of technology.


Prolific contributing author to the peer reviewed Journal of Intellectual Property Rights (brought out by CSIR), and member of its editorial board. 


Resource person for: 


Patent Facilitating Centre, TIFAC, DST, GOI: provided studies on key IPR issues in R&D organizations, and contributed in Patent Awareness Workshops organized by TIFAC


DSIR, GOI: contributed by developing analytical tools for use of patent information in R&D and demonstrated their applications by conducting training workshops (team work involving colleagues from NISTADS, CSIR, NIC, & TIFAC)


Department of Science and Technology, Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of India (1989 – 1994)


I have worked in the International Division of this department. In the capacity of Project Officer / Principal Scientific Officer, I have been responsible for the setting up of the Centre for Science and Technology of the Non-aligned and other developing Countries in New Delhi and handled bilateral and multilateral programmes of cooperation of the Government of India in science and technology and contributed extensively to several policy issues including intellectual property rights.


Participated in the inter-ministerial meetings on negotiations under WTO including Agreement on Trade Related Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS), and World Intellectual Property Organisations.


Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, New Delhi (1980-1983; 1973-1977)


I worked as senior scientist in the R&D planning and business development division and contributed to the functions of R&D planning, monitoring and evaluation of R&D programmes. Developed a monitoring system for major inter – institutional projects in CSIR. Handled initiatives relating to commercialisation of intellectual property.




Central drug Research Institute, Lucknow (1977-1980)


Established the concept of R&D project planning, monitoring & evaluation, and budgeting and costing in drug R&D, technical information and patent protection and documentation


Facilitated interface with firms in industry, national level planning for drugs and pharmaceuticals and issues impinging on drug policy.






Ph.D. (Library & Information science University of Mysore, Mysore, India, 2006; Thesis on Intellectual Property Right Information for R&D scientists in CSIR);


M.Sc. Mathematics    (University of Delhi, 1972);


B.Sc. (Honours) Mathematics (Main), Physics, Chemistry (Subsidiary), (University of Delhi, 1970)


Post-graduate level course in Japanese language, Japan Cultural and Information Centre, New Delhi, 1999




Excellent Analytical Ability.

Excellent people management skills.

Very highly process oriented.

Patient & Adjusting.